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Why Bondora?

  • Easy-access online loan

    You just need your ID, bank details, and a device with Internet access.

  • Same-day money transfer

    After the approval and signing of the loan agreement, the money is sent to your bank account.

  • Personal data security

    Personal information of clients is confidential and not transferred to third parties without consent.

  • Transparency

    Conditions for applying for an online loan at Bondora are spelled out in the contract.

  • 24/7 availability

    You can apply for a loan online anytime, with no collateral required.

  • Quick customer support

    Send your queries at any time via the online support site. The support team will respond quickly and help as soon as they can.

Our secure online loan application system helps people get the help they need whenever they need it.

By accessing our online loan services that are easy to use and readily available, millions of people can overcome their financial barriers and empower themselves to reach their goals in life.

Bondora's story

In 2008, at the height of the global financial crisis, Bondora was founded in a student dorm room with one clear purpose: to help people who were failed by banks. Our goal is to help more people regain control and access financial services that they would not get from traditional financial institutions.

Our Founder and CEO, Pärtel Tomberg, has been driving this vision since 2008. He wants millions of people to enjoy financial freedom, and we will change the world to make it happen.

“We have proven to our customers over the years that lending does not have to be difficult. We are using latest technologies to make borrowing quick, affordable and personalized.”

We want to help make your life better with less stress. We know you value transparency and honesty, so we are upfront about every cost, every process, and every important term and condition you need to be aware of when entering into a loan partnership with us. We value your trust above all else.

Your wishes could come true

“I'm here to help you empower yourself. By making it easy to access our life-changing financial services, you can:

  • Have more time
  • Enjoy more financial freedom
  • Live your life on your terms

Your wishes are just within reach. So dare to think big with Bondora.”

226,804 people have invested over €1,016.9M and earned €228M – YOU become the bank.

  • Automated investing made simple
  • 11-year track record
  • Start with a minimum of €1
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*Loan amount from €100 to €15000. Repayment period from 6 to 60 months. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) from 15.43% to 53.34%.